Reverse Engineering (no pun intended)

I haven't tried yet, one step at a time. I have a few scripts to settle out. I'll note my progress here until the thread is pulled!
Okay, I have it working in 2006, minus ditchlights, adjustable headlamp, and TC interior with warning signal.

You have to reference it to the 2006 F7A interior and remove the gs script from the folder, and the reference to it from the config file.

The roof fans still rotate, the wheels still turn, and the numbering system still works.

Classics rolling stock in 2004?

That's for someone else to tackle.


It appears not too difficult to bring TC content into 2006. I had to make the same changes to the content, fix some errors, and you do lose the ditchlights and interior signals. The cab on the M7 showed up though, I assume you can drive it from there. The passengers came over well. The scripts (gs) seem to be the largest hurdle, but when you delete them from the folder, and the reference to them in the configs, it all works to a usable degree.


I figured the other content would be even easier to bring in.....and I was right. One of the Harlem line stations, working great in 2006.

I've been a very naughty boy......

See this is what these Trainz Classics Add-ons should be built as add-ons for TRS2006. I'd prefer to have one game with many add-ons to buy from Auran insted of having a new Trainz edition every two years. Prefer one base game and buy what we want off of that. I know Trainz Classics has that, but it starts from scratch that makes people with TRS2006 routes and content unable to continue with the series. -Chris
Now I have to reinstall Classics and '06, I gotta get those babies into '04! ;) Auran's sales are about to go up ten fold.

Dietrich :)
Just to let you know the one way traffic roads in TC do not work that way in 2006, they revert back to two way. The headlights of the cars also do not light at night.

I managed to import all of the Harlem Line stations into 2006, and only had to further import two Auran Tracks as dependancies. They went without a fight.

I don't know about you, but I would rather import the handful of new stuff from TC into 2006 (or 2004), than the other way around. Maybe when they get the platform stable again for the long term, I'll transfer all my content to a new platform, but not before.

At least there is a reason to buy Classics, gleaning the new content!