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I have searched the forums but I still have not found an answer to this. Is there any way to 'auto-load' cars, Like having all of the cars loaded when you enter a session. Loading coal cars or intermodal cars one by one takes a long time, and its kind of hard to load them out in the middle of nowhere with no industries ;)

If they are all the same car (for example, if you have a consist made entirely of empty Illinois Central 4-bay hoppers), then you can fill one car with the desired load, and then click the button above the first load (i'll find a screenie with it...), and that will copy the load status of that car to all of the other cars. Be warned, though, I think that button fills all cars like that car in the entire session instead of ust the consist (correct me if I'm wrong...).

EDIT: No, I was wrong, it only applies to all the like cars in the consist.

So, here's my one car filled.

An now click this button here,

Et voila! (Sorry if I just butchered that--estoy estudiando Español).

And look! This consist 3 baseboards away was unaffected! (Yeah, yeah. I can't write with a mouse. :p )

Now, if you have a whole bunch of different roadnames on your cars, you'll have to fill one of each roadname manually and then use the technique from above.
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Hey Ferrous

Thanks for that bit of information!
I've been using trainz since the first edition and never used that feature before:eek: .
I learn something new everyday on this forum:)

Thanks again.