Question for Boat re ASB RHM Controller


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Some time ago I purchased the RHM controller and had it working fine in various routes. On a route I'm playing with now I wanted to put it in play, but I can't...

In content manager I can see it. <kuid:76656:80101> with a warning about it being version 2.9 and no longer supported. (I'm on TS12 latest SP and Patch)

If I run your downloaded demo, the controller isnt found.

If I try and place it in my route I cant. Its in the menu but I cant "grab" it.

I would delete and reinstall, but I'm not sure what the original .cdp file was named, I have many many.

What would you suggest?
Open the config file of the asset and change the 2.9 to a higher value, possible 3.7. This applies to most assets that show the no longer supported version. This does not effect the asset version only the build number.
I cloned it to test that solution and yes, I was able to use the 3.7 version of the cloned asset. I'll do that to the original to get the routes back working again. Thanks.