Designing USB throttle controller


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I'm designing a USB throttle controller for use with train simulations. I'd like to support Trainz simulations if possible although I haven't played them myself.

Do these games accept USB-HID controllers? Is there any straightforward way that a custom controller could support Trainz? I'm planning on using an Atmega32u4 (Arduino Leonardo) which has a straightforward USB-HID implementation but I'm open to other suggestions.

Here's some pictures of the design in progress:

The device is meant to be relatively small and pared-down compared to a full-featured controller. The controls available on the device are:
1 throttle lever
1 brake lever
1 forward/reverse (on/off) toggle switch
1 push-button

It will be milled from CNC and painted with automotive paint. The idea is to have something which feels quite nice and high-quality, although it's going to be relatively expensive compared to something made from sheet-metal or plastic.
what about a Belt Pack like the Hump yard Crews use when switching the Hill aka Hump track or the Classification tracks aka bowl tracks?