Progressive Rail 2019 Released!


TPR Route Creator
PROGRESSIVE RAIL 2019 is on the DLS!
This is the updated version of Progressive Rail I created back for TRS2004.
Now with updated structures, trees, track, ballast, textures, and a lot more detail for current TRS2019 standards.

I have uploaded the layout to the DLS this evening and should be ready for download very soon.
Small 2 baseboard switching route. Designed in TRS19, but will run in 22 as well.
All assets should be on the DLS, so can be used in multiplayer as well.

THANK YOU to the testing team!!! (Morgan, Ryan, Cam, John, Eric, Jonathan, and Karan)
They have helped ensure that the route works, is realistic, no issues, and that everything is on the DLS.

Morgan Alling has created a YouTube video as a route overview and sample switching session. You can view the video:

Thomas Rae is in process of updating the route to TRS22 content and expanding the route, so if you have TRS22, check out his version to be released on the DLS soon as well.

You may also want to check out Wig Wag Simulations for their Progressive Rail switch engines- the model of the prototype locomotive that actually switches the plant!
Please let me know what you think of the route - what you like, what you don't like, etc. That we can produce more like it.

I hope everyone enjoys the route, and be on the lookout for more, and larger projects to be coming out soon.
ProgressiveRail2019 APPROVED and now LIVE on the Download Station. KUID 56511:100578. I hope everyone enjoys the route!! Thank you so much!