Problems with Content Update in Trainz 2012


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If i didn't know better i swear that the server for updates was being run on several 56k dial up modems it's that slow... i'm reduced to only being able to download one file at a time and even then it's a wait.... A Very Long wait. Is there an alternative way to get the updated content ie: Torrent or else a webpage not access with in the game. this is just a royal pain.

P.S. those files aren't that big and I doubt everyone is trying to download at once... the only thing that comes to mind is that there is something else in game that also requires bandwidth and causing problems with downloading.
You are updating on about 5kb/sec. That is the default (and I agree ancient) update speed.

If you want to download updates at a normal speed, N3V requires you to buy a First Class download Ticket (FCT).

If the content of the DLS would be available outside of the DLS, than that would be illegal in most cases.
It would help if you registered your version of Trainz. We could help you more if registered. Click the My Trainz button at the top of the forum, then go to the Trainz section on the left hand side then click on serial number. This page will show you the serial number entry page.
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