problem starting trainz


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hello all,

today while running trainz i accidenty kneed the reset button on my computer (i may have to move out from under the desk!) now trainz/cmp wont start at all. if i try and run them from the 'launcher' it simply freezes up and i have to alt+ctrl+del to close it, if i try and start them directly from the exe files nothing happens, but windoze task manager shows them as a running 'process'. ive had a similar problem before and ended up re-installing , but does any one know how to fix this without needing to re-install?

You need to rebuild the database. Delete the files assets.tdx and assets.bku (if it is present) from the main folder and restart Trainz. It will take awhile for the database to rebuild, but Trainz should start after that.
You could do a complete restore of the windows system to a point before you knocked it. This would place the registry back and may reset the registry to run the programme.