Poll: Do you use Driver Commands?

Which option BEST describes your use of Driver Commands?

  • I never use Commands

    Votes: 18 11.0%
  • I sometimes add or move Commands in Driver only

    Votes: 21 12.8%
  • I regularly use Commands in Driver only

    Votes: 20 12.2%
  • I set up Commands in Surveyor then don't touch them in Driver

    Votes: 42 25.6%
  • I set up Commands in Surveyor and edit them in Driver

    Votes: 58 35.4%
  • None of the above

    Votes: 5 3.0%

  • Total voters


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Driver commands can be added in either Surveyor or Driver. AI Drivers can be told to drive to a station or industry and load or unload and much more. Instructions can be chained together to create complex maneuvers that keep your AI Drivers busy for hours.

This poll looks at your typical use of Driver Commands.
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What poll Tony?:p :hehe:

I rarely use driver commands. There a pain in a lot of ways because the AI dont obey them half the time. Plus I'm too lazy to set it up and make sure everything works the right way.

But they are convient if you know how to set them up and use them correctly. They get you to your destination and less work on your part.

Use them all the time to test modules I make.Set up a staging area both ends of the module the try to break it.

Also use them for my Grandson who drives. His consist triggers other under AI commands on parallel tracks.Makes it a bit more interesting for him it other things happen without warning.Trains ,planes cars etc begin moving

A session with Driver commands and rules already in place is a nice way to demonstrate a layout to other Trainzers. They can see what the map has to offer without getting stuck inside a cab and overwhelmed by the complexity of driving the trains themselves.

In anything but the simplest layout, some manual intervention is usually required to solve the AI's problems, so for me it's always a matter of initial setup in Surveyor followed by adjustments to the commands in Driver.
I only use commands when I know they will fit in...I don't use them for custom routes because I might send two trains along the same track and boy are we going to have a lot of delay and confusion! :D :hehe: Why can't those A 'Intelligence' :)hehe:) figure out and overhaul their problems for themselves? Do they think I'm the person who makes sure everything works splendidly? I am just a visitor, not a controller!! :hehe:
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I use driver commands on my City of Morgan layout and I can run three trams, originating from three different places and breaking off from the common route at three different places. Only had one accident and that was when I ran a red signal\traffic light. I only do my changes in surveyor though. Too much hassle in Driver because you lose them afterwards.
I write scenarios. I can't be doing with Driver Commands, they're too complicated and unreliable for me.

I use driver commands exclusively, as I like running Trainz in Railroad mode as apposed to just as a driver, I have found that I can get my trains to do everything the I want with the AI with a bit of experimentation, but jee there is some good scope for some new rules to improve things, just wish I knew how to script, perhaps you can add a external application that will wrte rulles for bunnies like me

I use them all of the time to test layouts and to set up sessions for my routes. I like several trains running on my routes when I'm driving, so I use a lot of 'DriveTo', 'DriveToTrackmark', 'Load', and 'Unload' commands to set up my trains to be active on the route while I'm trying to work it.
I find the best and fastest way to find problems in my routes and signalling is to get about 20 trains running. Any problems will quickly raise their ugly head.
it varies a lot what I use. Sometimes I'll set up a set of rules in surveyor and watch AI. Other times I'll set them up in Driver and try and "play" with AI :eek:.