"Please wait, applying filter...."


Ambling on the slow line
I'm posting a thread on this as my earlier comment on a thread about the DLS going down might get lost there:

This is what I said:
I'm in build 49922 - nice sensible, stable pre-SP1 TS12 that has given utterly reliable performance for the last couple of years, so I thought I might be immune to all this 'phone home' nonsense. But apparently not so - last weekend my Content Manager started spending anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes applying filters every time I changed tabs or searched for anything with the dread words, "Please Wait, Applying Filter" appearing.

Today, I noticed the same thing going on in the game itself: attempting to launch a fly-out menu to search for assets would lead to the whole game freezing. While this is going on, TrainzUtil.exe fires off going through the same line for anything up to 15 minutes:
Scriptlog>Could not resolve native link

Is this a problem of my installation or is it linked to N3V flooding the Download Station with built-in TS12 assets? Interestingly, I notice that many of my TS12 built-ins are reporting new 'installation' dates as and when this thing happens.

Is there a way for Trainz/CM to work offline without the drastic step of unplugging internet access (which as HiBaller says is not really advisable)? Sadly, at the moment I have a game that is becoming unplayable. :(


Others are also reporting major problems, in TS10 as well as 12, due we suspect to the mass uploads of previously built-in assets prior to the launch of TANE. I'd be interested to hear what people think about this, their experiences (especially if similar to mine) and ideas for remedies.

In addition to my patched version I also have a 49922 build running which never seemed to have any validation problems. But like you for the last few weeks I have noticed that TrainzUtils has started validations even though Taddaemon does not. The Trainzutil window seems to only spend about four minutes doing only a relatively small number of validations with the message you give then stops and opens a new window and starts all over again. This as you say can last about 15min.

Looks like N3V have found a way to mess with customers unpatched versions of Trainz.
Thanks for that. In a strange way, it's nice to discover I'm not the only one!

It's been suggested that downloading all the higher version number assets that N3V are putting on the Download Station might deal with the problem, though at the expense of duplicating the built-in assets in TS12. So a bit hard to know what to do.