People getting ahold of unreleased JR content.

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Recently, I’ve found several videos with unreleased JR ET44AC’s in them. I have no idea how or why, but I believe it has somewhat to do with Discord DM’s and servers. Did someone accidentally leak them, because this seems very strange that multiples of people have unreleased content that only a select group should have.

Here’s a video:
Yeah thats such an old story by now honestly. Yes it did get leaked ages ago, and the Andrew Zommer guy (aka. Casualheadshot - something he'd quite deserve actually) had a big part in making sure everyone on the darker side of the community has it by now. Also, don't try blame it on social media or discord each time, like all the old guys do these days. Its more a problem of todays mentality and dumb kids that think they deserve everything for nothing
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Strange, I never heard about that. Too bad really, greed is something we cannot avoid. I just assumed that people were sharing them around discord and such. I understand everyone is excited about them but there’s no reason to leak something to the public, especially when it could be unfinished.
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