aCTS – A active Container Terminal System – I have some dream – I have some map


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All the thoughts about building container-terminals (CTs) rised while looking a video about the Container Terminal Altenwerder in Hamburg: „24 Hours: Containerinouts timelapsed“ (24 Stunden: Containerumschlag im Zeitraffer).

Thus I found some in my eyes usefull features for further trainz versions respectively some ideas of ways to realise it. This leads to my first thoughts and insight, which i wrote down in the forum-thread-group „Suggestion Boxcar“ in my thread „TRAINZ Container Terminal – I have some dream …“.

Because my thoughts moved more and more to content creation thoughts, I decided to go on at an other more suitable place. And so I arrived here in an own blog category.

One central thought is, if it is possible from all the thoughts to generate similarily to the basic-industrie some basic-assets for building an aCTS in the sense of a prototype. There for I think in a topdown model mostly independent from the borders of the existing assets and then I try to bind in existing suitable assets and put to other assets usefull functionallities.

My personal skills and experiences to create 3d-models and scripting them aren’t as big as they should. But many parts of the great puzzle I understood more or less including much basic-concepts of trainz. This makes it possible to me to construct a not fully puzzle-picture, but containing some essential parts. And possibly finds the one or another more parts to make this puzzle more complete.

The skills one need to keep track of all the things are the basic-concepts of trainz (config.txt, soup, messaging, meshes, materials and textures), basic-3D-concepts of Blender (3D-objects, materials, animation, bones and empties) and of course objectoriented scripting with class-concepts (methods, attributes, inheriting). This learning curve is strait, but at the peek there is some good feeling.

So I start this complex way and wish to me that all this is interesting und may be helpfull for someone.

June 18, 2023 – P.S.:
One of my teachers told me sometimes the following:​
If you aren’t able to dscribe a problem and his solution-idea at one page, you didn’t enough figured out and dissected it. It took a long time to me to understand this. But such a blog is a good trainings field.​