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Hi Guys,

I just have a quick question regarding payment for purchases. I recently received a pre-paid mastercard and would like to use it to make a couple purchases.I noticed this was discussed here once before but it didn't appear an answer was found. I do have a paypal account, would i just add this pre-paid card to my pay-pal account and go from there?

Thanks for any help/suggestions,
If paypal allows you to use it and it goes thru, then yes it could be used. You would add it to your paypal cards list I would imagine for it to be a valid form of payment.
I believe that pre-paid cards, and pre loaded gift cards, have an automatic monthly fee of @ $4.95 that is deducted by the company, every month, so a pre-paid card can self deplete itself in a couple months time, and have no money left on it ... some pre-paid cards do not allow worldwide transactions
It didn't go through, but no worries. Made my purchase the conventional way through PayPal. I'm looking forward to American intermodal.

thanks guys,