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Hi folks

I must admit, I don't mind skinning PS items. I use Paintshop Pro 7 to skin them rather than Paintshed itself. I find you get better results doing them that way.

In the past I've done quite a few locos in prototypical liveries but not always. I do like to improvise on the odd occasion.

Post screenies of either prototypical or fictional liveried Paintshed items. I encourage people to post shots of the latter option as I like to see some innitiative, but doesn't have to be.

Firstly, I did a DL531 in a fictional Pilbara Iron livery. Not sure if I will release these or not.

Called it the 1200 class, they are seen here hauling iron-ore hoppers on the Robe River route.
Nice Work Col.

Thought I better add a skin to this thread, to keep the dream alive. :)

Wiley :)

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