Paint Shed to UTC


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I have the 2-CD Trainz Ultimate Collection (version 1.5, build 404). I can create rolling stock in Paint Shed, save them, and they show up in Trainz Content Manager (v1.0 build 79) with my USER ID in the KUID #.

The problem is, they stay in Content Manager and I can't use them in Trainz. If I highlight the object and look at the Error Log, I get the Content Update Screen. I'm told to click the link to take me to the Download Station, but the link doesn't work ("This page cannot be displayed..."). Below, it says "When loading game data - reskin asset is missing it's original asset <KUID:-10:194>. I don't know what this is, where to find it or where it should go. I click that link, and it opens the file I created in C:\Program Files\Auran\Trainz\World\custom\trains\Test.

I'm a registered user, but can't get beyond this point. The support person has been patiently trying to help me, but I was unclear on what program I was working with. Can anyone shed some light? I would be so grateful!
Michael in Iowa:D
It's a builtin loco IIRC. If it's missing then a re-install *should* fix it.

Sorry, it just doesn't work

I re-loaded Paint Shed, but still the same problems.

I can create designs in Paint Shed or download them via Download Helper (with or without firewall). They go right to Content Manager on the Trainz splash screen or on my Start menu. The prompt shows no missing kUIDS. Under "view error log" there are entries, but the hypertext either says the page cannot be displayed, or it directs me, via Windows Explorer, to the folder for the content. In config.sys, that one weird KUID (-10.196 I think) shows up under "alias."

When I launch Trainz, I get the message errors were detected in my custom content, and I should return to Content Manager. It tells me to click to go online, but when I do, I get ads from designers!

I can get Trainz 2004 Passenger Edition, which might be good because I'm really more interested in passenger rains anyway. Since I am having such a problem with Trainz UTC (the program itself works fine) regarding Paint Shed and Download Station, might this be a better option for me?

I thank you for your help -- Michael
Thank you for your help, folks! I'm halfway there!

I was able to download Train Objectz. It picked up on and fixed some problems that enabled successful downloads from Download Station. Hooray! I have downloaded some buildings, a caboose and locomotive and used them in UTC. These, however, are non-Paintshed dependent.

The problem still persists in Paintshed. Whatever I create there, or whatever I download from Download Station that says Paintshed must be incorporated, gets to the Content Manager, but never into UTC. The two programs are not communicating somehow. I took your advice and ran UTC after re-loading Paintshed (but before opening it), and I DO have the paintshed.ja file under C\Program files\Auran\Trainz\World.

Objectz (though I dont' know if I'm using it to its fullest) says there are no problems, so perhaps the problem lies elsewhere.

Best, Michael in Iowa