Another Missing Lever


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Suddenly there are some missing levers in the route. A VERY annoying OLD problem. Since N3V does not communicate well with customer on open issues there is no way to tell if this issue is under consideration. It sure ain't fixed. To add more misery there are events where more than one lever evaporates. Then to top-that-off the error message only flashes across the bottom left of the screen forcing one or more attempts at running the route to get the name of the missing lever.

Another missing lever (4th while try to run). This time the board on which the lever sets was touching an adjacent track. Easily fixed. Started the route again and another switch error popped up. This is becoming a lifetime project on a large route!

The missing levers continue. I replaced all the old style junctions with basic Levers switches and yet there was ANOTHER missing lever. This program is VERY STRESSFUL. There is no way I can find to detect ALL of the obviously remaining missing levers and I am afraid for my health should I continue on this, thus far, endless task.

I will have to scrap over a year's worth of work but, I see no other choice. I enjoy working with Trainz but the level of errors from the software is getting beyond reason. N3V is focusing on expanding its market while I suffer with poorly maintained software.
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I was so upset that I forgot that I had a recent backup. So all is not lost. Just time, which gains value each day. At the minimum, N3V should extend the Missing Lever error message time-on--screen. Also, in my case the route's yard was so large the AI ended up wandering around. I had removed about 1/3 of the tracks and that restored performance to an expected set of yard functions. Did the removal of many switches confuse the program? It worked yesterday. The yard was modeled, by the original author, after the Portland, Maine Rigby Yard. One of the nations largest, and just too much for my system.

So at it again.
In TRS19 and up, you can view the message history in Driver by clicking on the gear icon located next to the driver image and choosing the option to enable Message History. When this is enabled, you can then scroll through previous messages.
some of this can be caused by not having a track section connected properly........ I had this happen this morning while i was working on a route and connected the track section to where the switch was and bingo i was in business again... Check your Track sections often and always that could be a problem you won't notice it until you move the track spline over just a little bit... Check your track work you might have an issue with that in which you can't see right away....
Another obvious factor to rule out is Sessions. Have you added the missing levers to a session-layer and not the route-layer and then neglected to save the session or reloaded the route but not the session?