old video of trainz


Trainz Video Maker
i remember that on youtube like about 9 years ago there was a video that i think was called "The Trainz Simulator" and ive been searching for it for 2 years now and still no trace of it but all i remember is that the thumbnail was of a up engine driving in the forest and in the video it starts with a csx sd40 driving down the tracks to a bridge where it meets an ns dash 9 and i found a video that has the route in it. the video is called "a tribute to csx" if you go to 1:07 thats where the route is. another thing is that the background song was the windows xp theme.
this dosent really have anything to do with trainz but this video was a part of my childhood and i want to find it but i cant

update: i found out that the second video he made had the song "the hero waits" by 009 sound system
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