OK- Im an idiot and been gone too long apparently.


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Hey guys, long time member- very rarely post. I was getting used to using trainz22 - and as for track layouts and all it feels like i used ot do it- but where I have lost my mind is where in the hell (or how in the hell) you give the AI driving commands in a drive session- in old versions it was pretty easy to click on the driver and then setup the list of what you want them to do- what the heck am i missing in 22? nothing I left or right click on or menu i go to is letting me tell them to drive from here to there or anything- what am I missing? - and for those who say to do a help search I did- the only stuff i came across was for older versions that worked like I was already familiar with or had to do with stuff in surveyor- .. this is a pretty basic feature and I hate even asking- but- ... help?
Select the edit menu (the second dropdown menu) and then select edit session. Your driver set up holds the driver commands lists.
You’re not an idiot!

This was one of the major - and non intuitive - changes made.
it fools me from time to time because it cycles through the 3 options…