Offer 2 Access all DLC ... but not all seem to be available


Wannabe Driver
The 2nd offer for the 20 year anniversary reads...
OFFER 2 - Enjoy all the Trainz DLC over the holidays! (CLAIMED)

To Qualify:
  1. Own TRS19 SP4 or higher, or TRS22, or be an active Trainz Plus member.
    (Gold and Silver members already have access to this content through Content Vault)

The Reward:
  1. Download and install any items you choose through your in-game Trainz Content Store.
  2. Access is provided free until January 15, 2022.
  3. On Jan 15, log in to get your 75% Discount Code from MyTrainz (valid for use Jan 15-30, 2022).
  4. Purchase any items you choose from the Trainz Store (code valid for one order only).
  5. Or, join either Silver Class or Gold Class membership to continue accessing ALL the DLC content for as long as you remain a member.

Two questions arise.

1. Why is not ALL DLC available? There are various items that still show $price against them and not INSTALL. (eg. Pacific National 92 & 93 class Locos, Halloween Night, ZecRail 2012 Christmas Train pack & more still show prices.)

2. Where is the code to apply when purchasing? Or do I have to wait until after Jan 15?
Its possible that those DLC's didn't qualify as they are fairly new yet so they won't count for this promotion or they are an older Trainz version such as TS12.
There is a $10 discount code under the DLC claim.

If this is Plus, go to My Trainz at the top of the forum.
Click on Content Vault.
Click on Select on any select items that are listed. The button is orange.

Wait a few minutes.

Back on your computer desktop...

On the Launcher, go into Content Store.
Click on Purchased tab.
Click on Install for each item.


Do not click install on all the items at once in the Content Store, otherwise things will lockup. Download a few at a time instead. There's a lot of content and some files will take a while to download because they are huge.

Hope this helps.
The $10 discount is a separate offer (offer #3) to what I am referring. I am using TRS19PE and after re-reading the "rules" it looks like I'll have to wait until 15 Jan before I can do this. (Point #3 of the rewards.)
Thanks also for the warning John. I only installed them one at a time and I agree that some of them took a while.
Its worded a little ambiguously and confusingly TBF.. My take is your 75% coupon is not going to show until the 15th (Im not sure if it means you have to physically log in to do something on that specific day) -- The other issue is I dont think you can use offer #3 if you took offer #2 (I have not found a single thing that code works against yet) -

Its also not clear what version of TS19 you need to qualify - clearly the all content one works with every version out there including not even meeting the requirements as it worked when I only had TANE installed.
It seems like a try before you buy offer to me. Try all kinds of DLC until the 15th when it will stop working until you buy what you want with the 75% off coupon in one big order. You will have to uninstall anything you don't buy of course.
Also... some items seem to show up in DLC before it's actually released, thus, it's "not available" or what ever but odds are soon will be. On on Gold subscription and Halloween Night and the ZecRail V499 were on my store list for a while before they were actually available. I know have access to both. Are you on Gold or Plus and they are not active for you? (And did you select Halloween Hight in Content Vault to make it active?)
I think the idea is you try them first - then buy later.. My advice try one at a time though then delete or your SDD quickly starts to fill up and you loose track of what youve done