NYCTA! pics!

Railfanning at Avenue H
Please note that some rollsigns are wrong due to somthing i dont know
It has been ages since i opened up Trainz and built anything. Recently got the bug to pursue some building. Got this done in about 3 hours of free time i had. Trying to rebuild experiences from an old MSFS route called F1 IRT which included the Lexington-7th Ave Lines and the 3rd Ave El. Because of that there's some connections that might seem odd since they don't exist today.

Mott Haven Junction

Grand Concourse - 149th St

St. Anns Junction

150th Street Connection

149th St Interlocking

Intervale Viaduct

Normally i hate building yards, having to measure the switches that the storage tracks are long enough to hold trains etc.. But this one was fun to build, especially since as a child i spent my youth railfanning subways there and riding through it hundreds of times.

Unionport - 180th Street Complex

Unionport Yard - The flyover was tricky for the Dyre Avenue Line. In real life the White Plains Road mainline barely clears it underneath and there's yard leads running below and beside at an angle. The Trainz height and spline physics are not very forgiving and so i had to fudge it just a little bit.

180th Street Yard WIP (Missing Maintenance Facility)

Hopped back in after taking some time off to work on some college stuff. Spent the afternoon working on the elevated portion up 3rd avenue and working to connect it with the mainline.

Trackwork at 179th Street - had to look at 3 different diagrams from 1903, 1924 and 30s to get this somewhat close to how it was.

Fordham Road Junction, the line continues to the left up Webster and to the right is the Bronx Park Spur

The column work at Gun Hill Road

Progress on the mini map so far

With the 3rd Ave Branch done, I'll head south and east from Gun Hill and work towards the junction at 180th Street. Once those are linked i'll head the short stretch north to 241st and layout Wakefield Yard.

Depending on how satisfied I am with it I might release the skeleton track layout once I get to Wakefield.
Gave it a couple of hours over the weekend, the mainline was laid out between 180th Street and Gun Hill Road.

And yes your eyes are correct, the Dyre Avenue Line was placed too in this build session. All the stops marked and signaled up to Dyre Avenue; added an easter egg stop after Dyre Avenue. The Dyre line was placed as a four track line all the way up to Baychester and then it turns into two tracks until Mount Vernon.


The Dyre Avenue Line - fully signaled.
180th Street Yard-Unionport - fully signaled.
179th Street Yard - Fully signaled.

To Do List:
Place stations on WPR (Bronx Park East, Pelham Pkwy, Allerton, Burke)
Extend the WPR line to 241st Street, layout Wakefield Yard
Basic scenery (Columns, bridges, 3rd rails & signals)
Signal trackage down from 180th to 149th and 3rd Avenue Branch.
I think pretty soon I'll create a thread separate for this since I plan to eventually share this route even if it's just bare bones and no scenery. If you wonder why no scenery, i want to leave that up to people. Not everyone has the best computer, so we don't need to be overwhelming people's graphics cards. Scenery is at your discretion. I'll do some spots here and there which might be necessary to give the feeling of riding on the NYC subway (Terminals, Yards, surface running lines etc).

The original goal was to head north to 241st Street and layout the stations on the white plains road mainline. For reasons which i cannot describe other than, why not? We headed east and across the Harlem River.






Unfortunately we will not be going down to 110th street, around the famous Suicide Curve and down 9th Avenue. This branch which will be marked as the Jerome Bypass will head underground and join the Lenox Branch at 148th Street. In real life they couldn't spend the money to renovate the tunnels to make it work, in the sim world, money is not a concern.



by the time this ends hopefully you'll be able to run ops from north to south on the complete "H" system and similarly how it was on the IRT route in Microsoft Train Simulator