NYCTA! pics!


Idk if this is considered NYCTA but correct me if it isn't

October 2nd, 1980. Two LIRR MP15ACs sit on a siding after a nights' work of clearing up demolition wreckage from buildings being torn down in the former town of Archwood. The entire line and the abandoned defunct towns would be completely demolished in 1981 to make way for more industries. (Fictional area BTW)
Woah, those pics reminds me of the OpenBVE train simulator, i don't know if you guys heard about it before... but I played them sometimes. They looks really good.... :D and cool too.

And the question is, how am I able to get these stations and tracks (like those yellow elevated tracks, dark tunnels tracks and those super-realistic underground or elevated subway stations) while the BDC Projects website is under maintenance?

Thanks. By Raymond S.

P.S. - By the way, this is my very first post! :)

Oh wow, we have made 200 pages!;)

Oh wow, I was thinking about having those stations and tracks for a while and it is like I wanted to have them though, but BDC Projects is under maintenance for now... I wish I wanted to have those kits, because they looks better and realistic.
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Been in a subway mood recently kinda inspired by kingoftrainz so im in the process of creating my own fiction NYC subway system. So its not much yet but heres a shot of Broadway Junction


well then, A, C, J, L, Trainz is done! Now I want my yards!

Wow! Good one! East New York!

What about oecan parkway?

I have my one! r160. or r68!
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Does anyone here have the link for me to download those tunnels and stations? I really want those. To be honest, I really don't like the looks of jeffmorris and maybe magicland's assets because of low-quality and too old.
Got some screenshots and a question:





Now the question: I have a line of two shot timers on an S-curve. I have the limit sign, an invisible speed limit, a normal signal, an aspect 2 shot GT, and then 5 primary 2 shots. Directly after the last one, I placed the increased limit. When I run this setup, one train makes it through okay, but the next one always gets stopped at the last signal. It simply doesn't clear, regardless of the time spent sitting in front of it. Do you guys have any suggestions?

does anyone know where to download these tracks?
The tunnels and assets are currently under development and will be released at a future date. There was an exodus of a few key developers from our team which led to a halt in creating, and releasing new items. We also were trying to host on a website, but that plan fell through as well. As head of the development team, I am currently looking at ways to host the vast library of NYCTA items (several new ones developed during the pandemic) so that way users can download them and show off their own creations.

Please bear with me at this time; I am just getting back into development after a long hiatus.

-A :wave:
i dont mean to advertise or anything but i just made a website for people who want to see New York City content basically NYCTA, New York Central ,Penn Central and Conrail content
ill add on some reskins and some things that i made sooo , if anyone want to host thier New York City content on my website are welcome
aaand im also new to this thing :eek: dont judge me please