Many eons ago when Microsoft Train Simulator was the go-to train sim for many, there were 3 routes which were created by the same content creator i believe which simulated operations on the New York city subway. One of those always stuck out to me because of the number of activities (or sessions) as we call it and the abundance of rolling stock available for it, this was the F1 IRT 1904 route. There was a modern version labelled F2 IRT, but it was not as fun. Anyway, the route had many prototypical features and some freelanced ones and provided many hours of fun to me and anyone else who had it. So after over a decade of modelling in Trainz, learning building techniques on the forums, watching others come and go making routes of all shapes and sizes and seeing the world go by; I've decided to jump in headfirst and bring back this route to Trainz and make it even grander.

For the past month or so I've posted on the NYCTA pics thread screen grabs from the route I've been making which is my reinterpretation of the F1 IRT route from MSTS. Now I'm dedicating it its own thread so I can share its progress with all of you and get feedback and critiques with the eventual goal of uploading to the DLS. It's going to be a long road, and I still have yet to learn on not burning myself out like many times before when I first tried making a route, but I have built enough that I do believe this will eventually become something.

The F1 IRT Remaster will include:
Broadway Line
Lexington Avenue Line
42nd Street Cutoff (Todays 42nd Street Shuttle)
Dyre Avenue Branch
White Plains Road Mainline
Woodlawn Mainline
Pelham Bay Line
3rd Avenue Line

And numerous smaller additions and spurs based on what if the real NYCTA did not run into fiscal problems.

As of posting this all of the progress completed has taken place in The Bronx with the first toeholds into Manhattan done over the weekend, the ultimate goal is to reach the lower tip of Manhattan at Bowling Green and South Ferry and all Northern Terminals for the IRT. If I feel up to it i may extend the line into Brooklyn, but it's too soon to tell and perhaps that'll be for a phase two project. In the meantime, here some screenies for everyone's enjoyment and I'll get back with more once I make more progress.

NOTE: The route is not meant to be prototypical. It will have a lot of freelanced elements. There are certain areas though which will be prototypical measured down to the last degree because of their significance to the route and to seeing it in real life. IE: Simpson street curve to name one.

Manhattan and the Bronx, Harlem River and the associated crossings.

White Plains Road Mainline in the middle, the 3rd Avenue line on the left and the WIP of the Pelham Line on the far right. Towards the top you can see the signal work at the 180th St complex and the Dyre Avenue Branch

Dyre Avenue Branch and the lower part of the White Plains Road Mainline. In this iteration of the Dyre Line, the NYCTA acquired the NYW&B ROW all the way to Mt. Vernon extending the line by one station and allowing for through express service up the Dyre Line.

135th Street Interlocking, straight ahead for Lenox Routing and to the right for Bronx routing

Lenox Yard and the Ramp to the Jerome Bypass


Polo Grounds Swing Bridge

Jerome Bypass ramp to Woodlawn

Mott Avenue Interlocking (4th rebuilt for those keeping track, probably will rebuild it several more times until satisfied)

River Avenue Portal looking to 161st Street

St. Anns Interlocking

150th St Connector and Interlocking


Bronx Park Terminal Inteerlocking


180th Street - Unionport Yard


179th Street Yard (3rd Ave Line Operations Base)

Fordham Interlocking

Whitlock Avenue Portal and Ramp (WPR Mainline in distance)
WOW! I am amazed at the amount of effort you are putting toward these routes! Very well done!
Thank you!! Each station is kitbashed although since they are somewhat identical in a sense it gets easier with each one placed down. Plus alot of open source maps and diagrams make this a bit easier to do.

Had some free time today. Did some scenery work and reconstruction.

Pelham Bay Terminal

Pelham Bay Tower

Buhre Avenue

Middletown Road Looking West - Railroad South

Westchester Yard Leads

Westchester Yard

Westchester Yard Train Shed and Diesel Shop

Overhead of Westchester Yard (Rebuilt the whole yard using Google Maps, Original Line Diagram and Fudging here and there)

Since the Pelham line is the only other fully fleshed line other than the Dyre Branch. I'm going to work my way down each station until 138th Street. Then I'll work on the WPR stations. Got kind of burned out on laying track and switches, and before I forget the Pelham Line from Westchester Square to Pelham Bay is signaled; all three tracks including the yard are fully signaled.

Until next time,

Went down the Pelham line and did some more station detailing. Still missing the tiny stuff like benches, stairs, station house but the basics are there. As I went station to station, I also placed signals on all three tracks.

Parkchester - 177th Street


Whitlock Avenue detailing in progress



Turned south and made a mad dash into midtown, tracks all laid out on the Lexington Avenue Trunk and platforms with stations marked. Signals and smaller details will go in later.

Harlem River Tubes

Express Crossover looking south towards 125th Street

Northbound Upper Level Exit from 125th Street (Middle track dives down and is the left side track NB above)

Upper and Lower Levels of 125th Street

125th Street Trackwork looking south, this was quite the challenge

Minimap view of the Lexington Avenue Line

Bonus Pic
Current Status of Route
1 - 242nd St - South Ferry: Not Started, Looking for suitable bridge for 125th Street Viaduct
2 - 241st - Flatbush Avenue: 110th Street - 180th built, 180th St - Gun hill road marked out and track in place
3 - Lenox Terminal - New Lots: Lenox - 110th Street Built
4 - Woodlawn - Utica Heights: 149th Street GC - 42nd Street Built, tracks placed up to 167th St
5- Dyre Avenue - Bowling Green: Mt. Vernon - 42nd Street Built, Dyre branch to be rebuilt with new tunnels.
6 - Pelham Bay - City Hall: Pelham Bay - Pelham Bay - Hunts Point built, 125th St - 42nd St built, tracks placed through 125th - Hunts Point need stations and signals.
7 - Hudson Yards - Flushing: Heavily debating if to include
8 - 149th St - Gun Hill Road: 149th St - 181st Street built
9 - South Ferry - Woodlawn: 110th St - Anderson avenue built, Tracks placed to 167th St.

242nd Street: Not Started
241st Street: Not Started
180th Street: Tracks Placed, needs signals and train shed.
Unionport: Tracks Placed & fully signaled.
Westchester: Tracks placed & fully signaled; train shed WIP.
Lenox: Tracks placed, train shed WIP, needs signals.
Corona: See 7 above.
Mosholu: Not Started
179th Street: Fully Complete
Livonia: Not Started
Looking North from Gun Hill Road

The 3% plus upgrade on Todt Hill headed towards 233rd Street

Nereid Avenue switches, 241st - Wakefield in the distance, Wakefield yard leads on the left. I am not looking forward to Wakefield Yard and its Upper and Lower Yard levels and loop.

Wakefield - 241st Street


239th Street Yard - The car wash is not functional. i couldn't find one on the download station and one i had years ago disappeared off the internet. So, in its place is just a warehouse that looks like it, but it works somewhat.


been a while since i been here do to work and life but wow your have done amazing work look forward to when its completed and release bravo well done;)