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Hi I'm Sid and I just bought and installed trainz 2006..but i'm having a few problems. First, when I go to install the service pack it totally screws up the game, meaning when i go to load a trip i get errors and nothing on the screen. I assume this is because I have a vista machine, but maybe someone here knows how to fix this. The other problem is that I want to install the Disney World Monorails but I have no idea how. I'm a regular flight simmer but i'm a new trainz user...Please help me!

Welcome to Trainz first of all!!! :wave: :wave:
Yes i have heard and seen many threads on Trainz with Vista and its not to suprising.

And for the Walt Disney World Monorails, have no fear! the DLS is where it can be found i believe...but it is easy to DL stuff with TRS2006. It has CMP (Content Manager Plus).

Simpley go to the DLS (Download Station) and when you see the item you want hit Download item using Download Helper. If CMP is not open it will !automaticaly open connect to the DLS and start downloading for you!

Congradulations! you just Downloaded your first on many great items from the DLS!:cool: :D

If you have anymore questions just ask us, we dont bite!:D At least i dont. :p

And once more Welcome to Trainz!!! :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:
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I keep attempting to download monorail demo 2 from the download station but it keeps telling me that the server appears to be this normal?
Good thing you asked me that.:hehe:
You see it seams during the weekend the DLS seams to appear full.

It is normal for this time of the week so yes. It can happen on weekdays but that because it is full. It is quite busy with many Trainz users.:p

Good luck Sid!:) Im sure you will enjoy this sim.
The other thing to try is re-entering your name and serial number in CMP. This sometimes gives it a boot in the posterior.
This game never seems to work right for me...every time i go to open content manager i get "unable to register trainz url registry key" After "ok'ing" this error about 5 times the program loads. I try to download "Monorail Project Demo 2" (where is the full version) and it says the server was full, every time i have attempted from 2am this morning to 9pm right now. Am I doing something wrong?
Search for 'Vista' on this forum. It needs to be installed in a particular way in order to work properly.

for some reason monorail demo 2 has missing dependencies that cannot be downloaded "cannot obtain a download url. item cannot be found on download station"
ok i got the service pack installed correctly thanks to that link..i also dont get that error message. do i install the disney monorail?! I tried opening the files in the extras folder but in content manager it says things are missing and that the url is bad. What the heck?! I just want to drive a monorail!!
There is a thread in the TRS2006 forum named Monorail Information, and it contains lots of helpful information. In particular, it will point you to the Release Notes (not content, so not on the DLS) which probably contains more information than you want.

Also, there have been some significant fixes since the CD was created, so you really need to download the content from the DLS rather than use the CD. Note that the content on the DLS is handled as individual items so that people can use bits and pieces as needed, so you need to check the items you've downloaded against the lists in the release notes to make sure you have it all. The demo (for this version is demo 2) will work when TRS2006 is installed correctly and all the content is present, but I have not tested it against Vista, so there could be some surprises there :eek:

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy the project.

To install the monorail content, open up the TRS2006 launcher, click on Extras, then monorail, then OPEN UP EACH CDP FILE ONE AT A TIME! go into the 'today' filter, and highlight all monorail content. press CTRL + A, then CTRL + M.