New To Tidewater Point Railroad 3.0

So, I know the title says "New To Tidewater Point Railroad 3.0", but I'm not really 100% new to it. I played around with the route when I had it with my membership, but never really 100% explored it. So I was wondering what I should expect and what I should know about the features and behaviors of this route before I get it. I am currently waiting for my PP transaction to come through so I can own the route and play on it, but in the meantime, here are some things I would like to know as a returning TRR person.

What should I expect?

What, if anything, is new?

How do the industries work?

What kind of rollingstock do I get? (I know what locos come with the route, but never figured out what rollingstock comes with it)

Does the intermodal jack crane actually work, regardless of whether or not it is player controlled, and if it does work, then how does it work?

What's your favorite part about this route?

What routes does it work really well with? Like what combinations are great to include this route with?

What third-party content (e.g. locomotives, rollingstock, all that stuff) do you recommend using with this route?

Is this route actually based on an actual real-life route?

Are there any bugs or glitches I should be wary of?
Here is a thread that ran about the new update. It ended with no resolution to issues:
Prior to that was a thread about issues with version2, and that thread did not end with any resolutions.
That thread mentioned that N3V promised to fix it in SP5. Is that version 3 that still had issues?
So, I am not sure about the current status of this route.
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You are better off purchasing the route directly from Jointed Rail. You can then edit the route yourself, modify it to your heart's content, fix any quirks and even merge the route into another. I can't remember if the issues exist on the Jointed Rail version since I haven't looked at the route in ages. Even if they did, they can be fixed until a new version is released if ever.