New Releases: 12/11/16

Why in this route I can't create a session and save it (like I do in all other routes) without creating a new route? I can't also change the season, it is locked on winter.
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Nope, just i forgot unhide session layer until save and exit from game for packing this.
Now it must be ok on web site. We've fixed that. Try to re-download those, route and sessions set.

Will do. Thanks.

I drove the coal session and it's really nice. Good job with the route and that session.

Love this route well done guy's! I did the coal session from start to finish with a score of 100. :hehe: Thanks Jointed Rail for yet another masterpiece!
I did all three sessions with 100 points, that means inclusive the "cab only" one.
The first time I ever did a complete session in cab mode.
Still I don't like cab driving and prefer the outside cameras.

I have a question:

How to make the "cab only" session act like the other two sessions?

I tried myself, but I can't find (yet) where to do that.

Is anyone else having trouble with the dependency pack? It keeps failing when I try to download with Firefox which has never given me any issues with any other JR downloads, and I can't see if Chrome works because I can't login with Chrome because it's been such a long time since I logged in #savedpasswordsproblems and I can't reset it because the reset password function on the site isn't working.

Can someone help please?