New content for Trainz 2


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Can someone please upload some trains two to the trainz simulator 2 content store, of the following more bnsf locomotives, more Amtrak locomotives and equipment, metra locomotives and equipment, north east corridor trains and equipment, brightline trains, KCS locomotives, CTA Trains, MTA trains, and more/more realistic US traffic signs and cones etc…, above ground stations, and underground stations assets please and thank you.
Aside from some 3rd party sites, the DownLoadStation, (see DLS in the menu bar above) has just about everything you need.+
You do realize that apart from a few built-in objects made by the creator of Trainz, the vast majority of content you find on the DLS a things made by other trainz users and freely shared with everyone. If you don't find what you're looking for, browse the Freeware announcements to see what is coming soon. Other than that, except for a single gentle request, it is considered bad form to bug content creators or insist on things you want. Eventually, the answer becomes "do it yourself."

One thing that is a bit difficult is identifying stuff on the DLS. The names the creators assign to their creations are not always the most intuitive, and that is when it is in English. Since Trainz is a worldwide hobby, creators speak all sorts of languages and so the names of objects can be in those languages too.
Trainz Mobile's DLS is limited to routes and sessions made in them, no locos and such can be installed for free. That's why you have in a lot of places people asking for new trains for Trainz 2, DLC packs are the only way to get them.

To the OP, it's very rude to just ask people to make this stuff. I learned this the hard way, but you live and learn. You might want to consider getting TS2009, it's completely free in a fully legal way and you can make content in it, and it runs on most computers past 2009/10, and probably any computer past 2013. If you need help with that lemme know