New Aircraft

Hello Gordon, nice to see you here again.
I have digressed to do some port models lately. New models:

This is the Liebherr LHM550 port crane loading the new Maersk container ship. The container ship is a separate model but I have also attached it to the animated crane model to load the ship in the correct location.


Some new sidelifter trailers, new container stacks and the Port Authority building in the background:


A workbarge and tug pusher static models, there is also a wharf spline and port wharehouse models:


The new Australian warships, HMAS Brisbane and HMAS Sirrius tanker, static models with attached track for the helipads, for helicopter landing. These have not been uploaded yet:


Perhaps you can find a use for some of the models.
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Two different models today:

An Airbus A300 Cargo, colours of Danzas.

A civilian Piper Cub, British registration G-POOH.
An idea to animate your air shows: aircraft with wing walker lady.
A British Tiger Moth, air shows during the sixties:

A N3N aircraft, like it can be seen during recent US air shows:

The wing walker is animated:
At start (key B) both figures are seated in the cockpit. Press H key, the passenger climbs on the upper wing. Press H key again, the wing walker goes back to her seat.
A big thank to Ian who adapted the two models for this purpose.