New Aircraft

Hi Jordan, thanks

We have had a number of B-2 aircraft visit Amberley Air Force base over the last few months, had not seen them before.

News articles quote last weekend:

The iconic stealth aircraft, from the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF), are visiting as part of an initiative to improve interoperability between the US Air Force and the RAAF.The B-2s will be joined by “several” KC-135 Stratotanker refuelling aircraft.

New aircraft arriving from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri over the last two days included:

  • 82-1068 ‘Spirit of New York’ as RAVE11;
  • 82-1070 ‘Spirit of Ohio’ at RAVE12
  • 82-1067 ‘Spirit of Arizona as RAVE21;
  • 90-0040 ‘Spirit of Alaska as RAVE22.
Hope to see more. :)


Apologizes for not posting sooner. I was just going to say that I don't watch the national news broadcast because 99% of the time they're talking about something going on in Washington D.C., New York City, or Los Angeles, not where I live. If I watch the local news, it's only for the weather. And I'm not a big fan of the local news anyway because when Special Olympics Georgia, which is the state level of Special Olympics USA, decided that Dalton, Georgia would hold the state games, a small group Dalton Parks and Recreation employees who advocated for Dalton to be the location of the state games, of which my mom was a member of, decided to have a press briefing about the announcement. Keep in mind that this was not long after the economic recession, and around the same time Dalton had the highest unemployment rate in the country, so this event was going to bring a boost to the local economy and help those effected by the recession. However, when the news broadcast showed the press briefing, they had it as 'filler' material, as a neighborhood shooting took the place intended for the press briefing, spending only thirty seconds on an event that'll help the local economy and spending several minutes on something that'll drive people away from a neighborhood. That's what irritated me about the news, willing to put ratings before the communities they serve.
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I have uploaded a few new aircraft, now available:

Gloster Javelin


BAE Hawk 200


Grumman F9F Cougar


Hawker Hunter


SAAB Viggen


Hope they meet with your approval.

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Thanks Pascal, we are running out of commercial airliners to do.

A couple more available, the Airbus 220-300:


and the Grumman Goshawk:



Here is a Beechcraft Bonanza with a British registration number. Not so many pictures available, except this one, G-VTAL.
Greetings! I love the Bonanzas! but the ones I already have (three by vulcan, pascal, and flomarie) the tails seem a bit detached at the back (as above), and with preview asset anyway, the pilots' heads appear to come out the top of the roof. I will have to try them in game and see.
Yes, the tail is detached, due to the V shape, to allow the elevators to move. This is obvious on the pics.

Pilots size is always a trouble. May be try to change them.
Looks awesome papou!

Another suggestion for vulcan. Since you've made the 747-400 (and older variants using the same model), do you have any plans of making the stretched out "-8" variant? It's not as new as the Airbus A350, but it's still recent (since 2012) and I'm honestly not sure if I suggested that a while back or not. As for Lufthansa liveries, this could be the first aircraft in Trainz to maybe also be the first to painted in the current/2018+ livery.

One of the two Dornier 228 NG with Aurigny Air Services colours.

The Aurigny ATR 72-500 is still existing for Trainz.
I recently uploaded some new aircraft, I see some of you have found them:

The Cessnsa 182:


Dornier 228:


Embraer 312:


SAAB Lansen:


Grummen Prowler:


Lockheed Neptune:


and the F-86 Sabre:


I am sure Pascal will make reskins of some of these for you.

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Well done Ian!
Yes, some of these new models are on my work bench for re-skinning.

But today, it's an older one, the ATR 72-500 of Alsie Express, small Danish airline.


New model:
Embraer 312F Tucano of the French Armée de l'Air, pilots school. Based at Salon de Provence, from 1995 to 2009.
Amicalement - Pascal

I made the new colours of the German Condor airline, so called "Beach towel" type.
Here are the 4 Airbus A321-211, red, blue, yellow and green.

Available soon.

The Convair HC 131 was the military version of the CV 240.
Here with the US Coast Guard livery. This one was based at Miami.