New Aircraft


A Caravelle III of Swissair:

Well done Pascal , Sabena , Swissair, Alitalia, air interet Air France... Que de beaux avions

Amicalement Marc

Another Caravelle..
This one from the GLAM, entity devoted to the transport of French ministers and presidents. This one was used by General Charles de Gaulle.
Aircraft Reskin Request

Aircraft Reskin Request.

Hey Papou!

You Did Great Job Reskinning Planes! :D

How About I Got An Aircraft Reskin Request For You Please? :)

Boeing 777-323ER American Airlines Startup

Airbus A340-642 Plus Ultra Startup

Boeing 737 Max 9 Alaska Airlines Startup


And Embraer 190-200IGW Breeze Airways Startup


And I Liked Your Plane Reskins Too!
More Request Plane Reskins Coming Soon!
Hi Gramma!

Thanks for your interest for my work.

the Alaska and American Airlines are already on the list.
For the others, some time will be needed, I am slowing my production for the time being.
Hi guys, I have not made an aircraft for a while, nice to see Pascal reskining some for you. Time to do some new ones.

New models available, a Beechcraft Bonanza, a request from the airports thread:


and two Vampires, one for Australia and the other for New Zealand markings.



I noticed that a Northrop Grummen B-2 Spirit was flying around last weekend, the aircraft was visiting from America stopping at the Amberley Air Force base near here. I thought I should make one, not finished yet but now flying:



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Great, the B2, Ian, will be appreciated.

Two reskins:
The Bonanza, French registration:

And a Vampire, French Air Force:
Ian, just to let you know about the B-2:
They're based out Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, but for missions in Asia, they're forward deployed to Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. The B-2 you saw probably had a problem on its flight and diverted to Australia to land.
Hi Jordan, thanks

We have had a number of B-2 aircraft visit Amberley Air Force base over the last few months, had not seen them before.

News articles quote last weekend:

The iconic stealth aircraft, from the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF), are visiting as part of an initiative to improve interoperability between the US Air Force and the RAAF.The B-2s will be joined by “several” KC-135 Stratotanker refuelling aircraft.

New aircraft arriving from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri over the last two days included:

  • 82-1068 ‘Spirit of New York’ as RAVE11;
  • 82-1070 ‘Spirit of Ohio’ at RAVE12
  • 82-1067 ‘Spirit of Arizona as RAVE21;
  • 90-0040 ‘Spirit of Alaska as RAVE22.
Hope to see more. :)