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I am in the process of creating our childhood table top train set in TS12. (late 60's early 70's original basic layout).
This was a simple twin oval affair having single track external and internal loops which were connected of course. 1 station and a bridge on the outer loop far side.
I have taken some license with it and made the outer loop twin track, added an airport and probably 8 industries in total when finished and the extra track to cater for such expansion.
All items sourced off the download station.

I fully intend for it to be a tricky fast paced multiplayer scenario.

Does anyone have any tips for creating multiplayer routes in TS12? Is the manual the primary source of all information for multiplayer route construction?
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Do not make it tricky and fast.

Remeber that all computes in a MP game need to keep each other informed of whats going - if the players have slow internet connections it might become slow and boring very fast.
Ah yes Bearcat245 extremely good point. Max players would be about six I suppose and there isn't a large amount of rail really.
A better word to describe the multiplayer functionality of this route, (to ensure good fun for all players and types of connections), would have to be smooth and flowing.
Thank you very much for the reminder :wave: