Murphy's law... Anything that can go wrong will go wrong...


Zec, the owner of ZecRail
I'm making a new one, but please if you are going to post, you must post a screenshot...
The reason I say this is that all others have had alot of off topic posts... So stay on topic please :)

Anyways, my pic (Excuse file name, it's and old one).

im starting to get really bored of these threads....because the moderators keep deleting them....
Guys, thats why I put please only post pics. If we ONLY post pics and DON'T go off topic (Not posting pics, and start flaming) then the thread WILL be deleted/locked...
I know I'm breaking my own rules here, but it's because of people that make comments without thinking about the consequences that these threads are deleted.
Anyways, can we just post pics? Please?
my first trim running the Westhaven tram route on my PC....runs a hell of a lot better then my laptop, still got some adjusting though before i can claim to have things back to normal