Murchinson Stage 2


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After seeing all the glowing reports of Murchinson Stage 2 i was contemplating downloading it, which i thought would be the same as downloading other layouts from the DLS.

However after reading all the notes on sirgibby's site it appears that a fair bit of scene building and matchup is required.

Could any one who has it up and running tell me of the difficulty level and what is involved to successfully accomplish it. I have built a few small layouts for myself in surveyor so i know a little about scene building.

Thanks Dave.
I have both 2004 and 2006 hi-resolution and standard resolution. Of course i did buy the nature 1 and 2 series. That includes flowers/fona, waterfalls, etc... It's a straight forward download of the freeware layout from their website. After downloading and installing, just run 2004 and click on download missing assets, the dim will do the rest. 2006, cmp will do it. If there are any missing assets, Sirgibby's website will help. Across the top of the website are buttons of their contents.

Hope this will help

P.s. If you don't have a high end system, may I suggest the standard download, not the high resolution.

The scene building and matchup you're referring to is only if you're trying to apply some of the cliff, ledge, rock and waterfalls scenery stuff to a new layout. Murchison Stage 2 is fully built and doesn't require any building. It's been quite a while since I installed it in TRS2006 and don't remember if a little 'error' correcting was required for a clean commit in CMP. It's a great NG route and I use it alot.

Thanks Bob and Jack,
i saw some of those screen shots of scene building and evidently went off on my own tangent, your replies have set me straight on the facts