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Hello, fellow Trainzers. I’d like to say a few words before I start these paragraphs. First, my condolences to the family of Graham (Euromodeller). He was a very kind person and was a driving force in the EU content creation scene. Second, I’m going to try and turn over a new leaf here on the forums. No more stupid hourly posts or gimmiepigging. I’m done with that and you guys can rest easy.

I’ve been out for about a month now, from December 5 to a couple days ago. On that fateful day my computer decided that living was not in its best interest and crashed, which resulted in my computer being stuck on an “Automatic Repair loop” whenever I started it up. Thankfully, I had a backup Linux computer and a backup drive, so I disconnected the drive containing my Trainz installation and copied my entire User folder to a second backup drive. During this time I also received my recovered data from a dead hard drive which lasted me a whole two years before failing. Planned obsolescence is a jerk, ya know?

I’ve recently took a second crack at my PC and completely wiped the computer. It worked just fine right after, booting to the OOBE and required me to install a crap ton of updates, as windows does. I have not yet tried to reconnect my drive back to the main computer but that will come later. I have also backed up all my .cdps and content files to an external drive which I keep safe.

Trainz will return to my YouTube Channel here soon, as well as my renewed interest in content creation. No, there will not be a Timetable Trainz Redux. All content from there is going to the Download Station under author 950560. A few assets of mine (MILW, PC and ATSF U33C) are headed to a special place for reworking and polishing by the great content site, The Switchback. The original MILW and PC U-Boats are available on the DLS as well as the SPSF C30-7 and the CD&N U-Boats.

That is all from me for now. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!
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I had to take my Acer PC to Best Buy in 2020 due to Automatic Repair loop and they could not recover anything but I had T:ANE and Trainz 2019 backed up on a external HDD