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Hi All,
In multiple industry New how do you in properties set product to accept a name of a vehicle. It will not for me..Thanking all for the answer when it comes through
You need to have an example of the asset on the route while working with the MIN.
Also run a check on the rollingstock to see if it can load what you want it to.
Do this by selecting the "?" in the rollingstock tab and click on the asset to open a window showing what it can carry.
If the product you want isn't showing, click on the black plus sign in a white circle and a window will open showing the products the car will carry.
Hi Mike, or anybody..yes everything is working thanks but how do you put five wagons on line to work ,do i find smaller wagons in length or a longer MIN.cheers,Robynne
I use the Multi ind str 10m. this is just big enough for one wagon. Then either run a loop into the industry , or allow enough room on the siding to push all your wagons over it.
There are a 20m,60m and also a 420m track available. The 10m tracks also come in a curved form.
For those of you wishing to learn how to set up Multiple Industry New, click on my Sig below, go to Tutorials, and you'll find a detailed MIN tutorial by Nightcrawler.

Not sure where to post this but found a new problem with this asset
If you add the wrong product to the first menu by accident, and then remove it, it removes it from the first tab but it is still, there in the other tabs such as vehicle, think this is a inbuilt asset now can this be fixed please if it is going to be included in T:ane

Thanks in advance