MU lashup problems?


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Ok, I thought this would be simple, but like everything I try to do in Trainz, it's turning out to be mind-numbingly difficult. :-(

I'm running Trainz Simultor 12, build 49922 (I can't run SP1 as that breaks all kinds of things for me and runs slower, so I had to go back to 49922.) I also have a Raildriver controller, which I don't think is related, but who knows. :)

I want to run a train with a few F7s for power. For those that don't know, F7s came in "a" units that had an engineer's cab, and "b" units that did not and normally could only be operated when coupled to an "a" unit. In real life, you could couple together any combination of a and b units, and as long as you had a cab at the front, you were good to go. But apparently in Trainz, not so much. :-(

Here's a screen capture of a few F7 lashups I've put together and tried to operate. Note the heading arrows in the screen capture:


So here's what happens when I try to operate any of these. Starting from the top, on the track next to the roundhouse...

a-b-b-a - When I select this consist and go into cab view, I'm in the cab at the RED arrow end, i.e. what should be the back, rather than the front. And every time I switch to external view, the cab at the other end gets auto selected. If I uncouple the consist during a session, things just get weird and buggy (I can no longer release the brakes all the way for example, switching to external view can "lock" things so I can't regain control of the engine again without restarting the session, etc.)

a-b-b - This one actually seems to work normally! Although, I can't select the b units with my mouse, i.e. if I want to track them with the camera. But otherwise it seems to work.

a-b-b-a - I tried a different road name just in case the files on my computer for the NYC version were corrupt or something. Behavior is the same as the other a-b-b-a in that I end up in the "back" cab. Curiously, when I switch to external view this time, I'm not switched to the "front" cab. In fact, there seems to be no way for me to select the front cab at all. :-(

a-b-b-a - Back to another NYC set. I would expect this one to behave identically to the other NYC set, but it doesn't! Instead it behaves *exactly* like the MR set parked right next to it.

a-b - This one I can't operate at all. :-( It seems like it's trying to start me out in the back again, but in this case the back is a b-unit with no cab, so I can't do anything. No cab view, no controls. Sigh.

So there seem to be two issues here... (1) is that Trainz is always wanting to put the driver at the BACK of the locomotive consist, even if that's a b-unit with no cab, and (2) Trainz won't let me select other units in the consist, except for that first consist for some reason, where I can freely switch cabs (indeed, even though I don't want to, every time I switch camera, I switch cabs. Sigh.)

What in the heck am I doing wrong here?
Me again...

When you place the train down, it has a direction to it. Click on the consists tab, the tab on the right on the screen where you place the trains down. In there you can designate which direction the train will actually be and this will determine the actual direction versus the facing direction.

To do this, click on the ring-like red and green icon. This will switch the lead end of the consist regardless of which direction the consist is facing, meaning the arrows will switch but the train will not change directions. To switch the actual direction, click on the side-ways icon to reverse the face of the locomotive.

Camera placement may also have to do with where your cab is in the locomotive. This has to do with the content creator and his/her (mostly his) thinking and design. Some of the B-units did have driving capabilities, but they were very limited so you may be seeing some of this occurring as well.

In general, keep in mind that 99.9999% of the content is user-community created. There is very little done by the program developers and the rest is done by third-parties and the users. Some people only reskinned other's works, whiles some have built stuff from scratch. For a good source of payware as well as freeware assets, check out Jointed Rail at, RR Mods, and many, many more all located worldwide.

F7B's usually had a 3 speed throttle, horn, and simple air brake for hostling purposes. Also, the cab controls should be in the bottom right of the screen, so that engines without functioning cab views can be driven realistically.