Mrl sd70ace phase1


What additional features does this locomotive come with? Does it have a custom cab?
No information on website sadly
No SD70ACe comes with a custom cab at this time. This has the usual other options of ARN, night lighting and fan animation.
Actually, as I recall, didn't someone from JR say that some of the SD-70s are capable of Running Don49plm's SD70 Ace Cabs? Or was that DaveSnow's? So Many Aces, so little time.....

And I think DaveSnow's Cab is a rehash of Don49plm's. Though I might be wrong about that. Admittedly I've never played with either of them, just remember the two of them talking about it when Dave's ACE's were released.

Either way, Don's is under <kuid:387111:XXXXXX>. He's made a bunch by Company, so they're even a little different according to company practices I guess.