MP route up & running


join 1-1-2005
I have T&W (Thompson & Western)up and running if you would like to join me contact me on trainz chat I'll give you pass word. Now if for some reason I lose my internet/game you will need to, is click host your owe and everything will remain the same as if I was still hosting.(nothing will be lost)
Look for people that want to do prototype Railroading.
I saw the session come up and since I might have some time at hand around Christmas again I thought I would see how car tagger is doing.
Unfortunately I could not join, now I find out it is because of S&C. (Stupid Trainz... :) )
Anyway I fixed it up and I'll write another thread on it. Let me know when you'll give the session another shot. Hopefully I'll be around. :)
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