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Today I am calling the route complete.
  • All portals except CNW-Janesville are now fully landscaped.
  • A board has been added in west Mayville.

  • A board has been added in west Brownsville.
  • A board has been added east of the Prairie Road crossing.
  • Three boards have been added to the west edge between Prairie Road and South Byron
  • Brownsville Track 2 is now posted for 10 MPH.
  • All grade crossings are TRC-controlled except Milwaukee W. Grove and Prairie Road, which are ATLS.
  • The following grade crossings have been replaced:
    • West Division at Fond du Lac Junction and at the CNW
    • Military Road, CNW and MILW
    • W 1st Ave SOO (West Yard. Incorrectly referred to previously as W Forest.)
    • Hickory Street, MILW
    • W Grove, MILW
    • Prairie Road
    • Nasbro Road
    • Iron Ridge SR67 (at the Horicon portal)
​Any train starting a session on one of these crossings should be moved to safety before installing Version :8! Put them back after installing.

To achieve the correct track alignment, the MILW-Milwaukee Portal was replaced with a short portal. Session builders will need to:

  • Move any train starting a session east of Iron Ridge to safety in Iron Ridge before installing Version :8. When replacing, make sure it is clear of the portal, which has a strong suck.
  • Set the new portal to Accept All Trains
  • Repopulate the portal with consists as applicable
  • If using a portal manager (CPC, QPM), set up the new Milwaukee portal as you had it before. [9 Sep '22: I find this is not necessary with QPM, it is finding and installing the new portal by itself.]

In a failed attempt to install a short MIN at the FDL Sausage stock pen ramp, I twanged Track 3. Consists starting at Frank's FDL Sausage or the Cheese Co-op should be moved to safety on Tracks 2 or 1 before installing Version :8 and replaced afterward. Sorry!

8/18/2022: Replaced Iron Ridge Platform 1 with a different invisible platform so as to lower the platform to a standard Milwaukee height (and adjusted the surroundings accordingly.) That means any train starting the session at the platform needs to be relocated beforehand and repositioned after :8 is installed. Also any driver commands referencing Iron Ridge Platform 1 need to be replaced as well, e.g. Morning Connection (done.) Bagged it at that point; Mayville too complex and Brownsville not worth the effort. Oh, well.

8/19/2022: Scratch that last. It kept me awake last night and I decided to revert to the prior version. Don't want to lay additional burdens on myself or the other session builders, we've got enough on our plates right now. Yeah, it looked good, but just too many pitfalls.

9/7/2022: After trying several recent US/North American region assets I reverted to lotharhake's HP-Trainz-Marias Pass Approach. I like msgsapper's 1980's Plus USA but the semitrucks look really hinky on intersections and the culs-de-sac. CDE United States suffers likewise and there are way too many emergency vehicle. Both have such heavy traffic the leakage at crossings is severe.