Missing 6 files for Pittsburgh-Altoona route


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I can't find a download for those 6 assets. Kuid finder can't find them either. There are three by Maddy25, two by Auran and one by tume. When I reach a dead end like that I'm stumped and have to ask for help. I have no idea what third party site they are on, or if they are part of a payware route, or if they are no longer available. Auran ones could be part of an earlier version or in a DLC route. Maddy25 ones could be roads but I'm not sure, her stuff is usually on the DLS. Tume could be in a payware route of his.

<kuid2:124017:30014:2> Maddy25
<kuid:661281:44122> Auran
<kuid2:82412:612618:1> tume
<kuid2:124017:25029:2> Maddy25
<kuid2:661281:44216:1> Auran
<kuid2:124017:10123:2> Maddy25
You have Trainz 2019 Platinum, but you have not installed the routes that are internal and come with your Trainz purchase. Route authors use those internal resources to make their routes, so they are missing those kuids.
How do I know which ones to install or do I have to install them all? I guess TANE routes have to be downloaded manually into 2019. But the route was created in 2019, not TANE. The creator must have all his routes installed and used a few assets from those routes. That's why they are unknown in my Trainz version.
On my 2019 Platinum the 6 kuids you are looking for are dependencies on the internal routes and sessions:
<kuid2:620415:101000:15> Niddertalbahn - TRS19
<kuid2:69871:2200:10> The Bidye Traction Railroad - Model Trainz
<kuid2:82412:104711:7> Season Town Northern RR
<kuid2:122860:100436:27> Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden, BC
Which one is the railroad bridge? I'm missing a bridge at several locations and I'd rather just have the original one rather than trying to manually replace it with a different one. You have to jump through hoops sometimes to have a route with nothing missing.
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If you don't want to DL all the route's suggested . Its easy to replace . Just delete the missing content in surveyor . And use what you wish . But as others have used this content . I suggest you do as Frank posted . The route is a vary well done work .

Best of luck

Does somebody have Altoona to Harrisburg in the modern NS era or am I going to have to use blank DEM? And there is a section from near Tyrone to Huntingdon on the DLS but it doesn't match with jrfolco's DEM. The DEM positioning is off in one of them. The older fishlipsatwork, smooz, etc. DEMs used HOG and were sometimes off compared to TransDEM generated maps. I don't have TransDEM right now, I would have to rebuy it. I'm trying to extend Scratchy's route to Harrisburg in order to run 765 excursions on it like what ran in late May 2013. I was on it. I might just try to use jrfolco's Altoona to Harrisburg DEM and trim off boards at Altoona to merge with Scratchy's route which is probably a fishlips DEM. The only thing I don't like about jrfolco's DEMs is that he didn't use TIGER data for roads, rivers, and railroads, but he has a single track laid to show where the mainline goes and there are some branches represented as well.
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The 6 kuids you are looking for; Kuid, username and type:

<kuid2:124017:10123:2>.Coal Unloading Pit, E-W ...................................Industry
<kuid:661281:44122>....YARNish L4 DL2 -Si +Sh, 09sp4 (seasonal update).TextureEnv
<kuid2:124017:25029:2>.Plate Girder Bridge, bendy.................................Track
<kuid2:661281:44216:1>.TRS19 Trk Jarrah 4 - Procedural - Tunnel.............Track
<kuid2:124017:30014:2>.Plate Girder Bridge Platform ..............................Track Object
Even knowing what they are doesn't help me know where they came from. Are they from routes I don't have installed? Which ones?
There are several creators that have done parts of the route you have requested . For the content your asking for , you've been given the most helpful answerers all ready . For the entire route as today . Don't know of anyone's on the DLS . But I'm doing as the PRR trackage was . Your welcome to delete to your harts content . My plans were to release a version as today . but time needed to complete what I have means that's not looking good .

Pleas keep in mind that what's been done , and done well . Took someone a lot of time . Altoona to Cresson { srcatchy } [FONT=&quot]<KUID2:92924:101158:2> [/FONT]NS Horseshoe Curve V0.3 , { jrfolco } Pittsburgh to Philadelphia [FONT=&quot]<KUID:73500:100421> , [/FONT]Harrisburg to Philadelphia [FONT=&quot] <KUID:73500:100395>
PRR1361 PRR Pittsburgh to Altoona - Tyrone to Hu.. [FONT=&quot]<KUID2:318195:100585:2> [/FONT]PRR Philadelphia Division NED DEM TS12 [FONT=&quot]<KUID2:318195:100552:2> And so on . I got lazy