Missing JR and other files for Horseshoe Curve by Scratchy


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I'm missing 19 files and most of them are by JR creators like norfolksouthern37 (Justin Cornell?) and 22alpha (Mike Cyr) and I can't find them on JR or through the kuid index, and google gives the asset name sometimes, but not really a working link. A few are non-JR files like one by felixg that can't be found anywhere. I posted the kuids as a picture. If anybody could help me find these missing assets I would greatly appreciate it. I think most of them are buildings or signs and scenery objects.

I did find some more through that thread and I was missing a few roundhouse pieces which I got but I'm still missing 12. 5 by 22alpha, 2 by norfolksouthern37, 3 by Auran, 1 by tafweb, and 1 by simulatortrain. It seems that thet 22alpha and norfolksouthern37 ones are in JR payware routes so I have to buy those routes to get the assets? Tafweb and simulatortrain ones I can't find. Auran could be built in ones from an earlier build or built in routes that aren't installed. He did post a screenshot of the ones I'm missing and it shows the asset names. But, that doesn't help me when I can't find the source of the assets, even by searching the asset name. Some payware routes were mentioned in the thread like Tidewater Point. And one person mentioned that they can't find the JR furniture building. Oh, I actually have the furniture building but the Northpoint fire dept can't be found. And the JR open shed is on the site but it has a different kuid than the one in the route. I could do a kuid swap in the config table and that works. For the fire dept I'll just use a different one from the dls and do a kuid swap so that it appears in the route where the other fire dept was originally placed. There's a missing girder bridge by Mike, 22alpha, so I'll substitute it with a different bridge.
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I'm now down to 8. 3 Auran and 5 third party. I could probably live without the JR Southern Pine Lumber sign by 22alpha or replace it with a similar sign but where can I find the JR 1 span plate girder bridge also by him? The other three are one by tafweb, one by norfolksouthern37 and one by simulatortrain. If I can't find them I will try to find out what type of object they are and replace them in the kuid table in the config with similar ones. I tried that and it will replace missing or faulty assets with working ones.
Did you check Jointed Rail's Freeware pages? Many of those assets are found up there on their website.
Yes, I did a manual search on their site for the filenames. There's a couple which aren't found but I found similar ones for the lumber sign and Northpoint fire dept.
Those may be custom assets or Club Car assets which will find their way into routes for sale.
Can someone help me locate this? <kuid2:45324:24851:1> by norfolksouthern37 at JR. Google can't find it, kuid index can't find it, but on Scratchy's thread he has a list of some of the assets and it's on there and the object is MG Tower (Modern). I searched on JR for tower and it's not on there, either. There's no other MG tower on the DLS, either and I saw a picture of it on Google, an HO scale model, and it looks like this below. And, where can I get the girder bridge by 22alpha <kuid:175455:200037> can't find that one anywhere, either. Maybe Scratchy can help me find those two or maybe even privately send them to me if he has them. Other than that, I'm just missing something for signals by tafweb, JR Southern Pine Lumber sign by 22alpha, and 3 Auran assets probably from TANE built-in routes that I don't have installed in 2019.

Ok, I looked at Scratchy's thread again and found that I had to buy a $20 route in order to get those two assets. I was going mad trying to find them.