Midsomer Valley Railway Multiplayer sessions (T:ANE)


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Hi all,

I am running most nights my Midsomer Multiplayer session of my route - Midsomer Valley Railway.

It's a small branch with some industries, stations and single line working so with multiple players it can be interesting and fun.

The session has some degree of easy to hard locos;

Easy - Class 24 diesel
Easy - Class N2 steam engine
Medium - Class 4P steam engine
Hard - Ivatt class 2MT (Leaks like a sieve and doesn't steam well so challenging)

The route also contains a class 5 diesel for shunting at the coal merchant and an AI driven Railbus which if it gets in the way can be shunted off the route haha.

Come and enjoy some steam in the 50s in Lancashire and Yorkshire territory.


<kuid2:770230:100211:2> Route
<kuid2:770230344:1> Session