Model Railroad Style Operating Sessions via Trainz Multiplayer?


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Ok. It's almost 3 am and I had a random thought. Surveyor 2.0 aside, Trainz has included a simple driver mode multiplayer since Ts12. With that said, in theory a group could use a smaller route and some basic train schedules that could be created in about an hour, with 4-5 players operating as if they were having an operating session on a model railroad.

As a theoretical base scenario... Ben Neal's steam locomotives and maybe some other decent US transitional period diesel locos on Kickstarter County. Built in rolling stock only. Only using the branch which goes up into the mountains (hits a bunch of different industries). 1 player switches the yard, 2-3 run freight, and 1 runs passenger trains.

The limitations are that the content must be on the DLS or built-in, correct? I feel like this would be simple. Check this out, this guy has done it it seems.

Has anyone tried this and would care to share their experience? Is anyone interested in attempting the above scenario?
I remember me and around 10 others would log in daily to mess around in KSC2. The owner was the dispatcher and we'd carry out missions to each industry. One or two were assigned to coal, one to fuel, a few of us to generic industries, one to passenger and the rest are either switchers or helper engines. We could also request new engines/trainsets in case we 1. needed more power, or 2. a train derailed. With extra trainsets we could do more things at once, and our dispatcher did a really good job. Switchers had control of the yard and dispatch had road control. It was fun while it lasted!