Metro North Equipment - Blueprints/Diagrams?


let me show you the
Does anyone out there know of any diagrams for any of Metro North's equipment, such as the M1, M2, M3, M6, Shoreliner cars and MOW vehicles?

I've tried searching everywhere with no luck.
Found it in 5 minutes.

I see lots of requests for diagrams, but I hardly ever see anyone build anything when they get it........

If you really are going to build such things, then lets go whole hog....

Come and get it, one and all.

Locomotives, cabeese, cars, MOW, the whole works is in it.

Perhaps this will spur someone to build something...... Heck there is enough here to do a few commuter agencies in the NY area, I believe State of Connecticut commuter service uses the same equipment.
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Wow! That's awesome. Thank you! I guess I didn't look in the right place.

Well I'm starting the M3 now.

BTW I am working on the Hudson Line.
Nah. I'd rather create the DEM and build it entirely from scratch so it can be more accurate and up to date.(No offense to the original creator)
I might have a look at it.