Endless Buzzing sound from Metro North Shoreliner Reskins


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This is something that I've noticed with a couple of cab cars that are reskins of the Metro North Shoreliner cab car. Basically, whenever I pass a signal aspect that isnt green, a buzzing sound will emit from the car will not go away even if I pass a green signal. And Im pretty sure I dont have to explain how annoying it'll quickly get. Now I know what that sound is. In the original MN Shoreliner cab, it has a cab signal display and the buzzer is there to alert you if a change in signal speed, with buzzing and lights on the speedodermeter. The odd thing is that when it buzzes in those cars, its not continues. It'll buzz then go away. And oddly enough, the reskins that have this continuous buzzing don't have the cab signal feature. I first noticed this on the NJT Arrow 1s back in 2019 and at the time, it wasn't that big of an issue since I only really noticed it with that specific rolling stock. But, I've noticed it with other Shoreliner reskins and its gotten to where I cant just ignore the issue, literally.

Is there a way to stop the buzzing? Not in game but when editing the rolling stock's config file text. This way I wouldn't have to worry about not driving a specific train because I wouldnt know if it would start buzzing or not