Merging 2 Routes rotating problem

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Sorry me again, but hopefully this will be the last for a while.

So, I have 2 routes that I want to merge together, easy watch this video (74) Trainz - Content Creation - #17 - Merging 2 Routes - YouTube

So, the problem I'm having is that one of the routes needs to be turn round so they will connect together how I want them, however, whatever I do to either route, ie rotate the route 180% upside down and then save the route, they are always the original way up????

So, what am I doing wrong?


You are not doing anything wrong as such, just that what you want to achieve is not generally possible. Being a Plus subscriber however, you may be able to use copy paste in Surveyor 2 to change the orientation of the smallest route, by copying a group of baseboards and turning them 180 degrees and pasting to a new route before you attempt a merge. Someone who has used the new surveyor a bit more than I have may be able to guide you further.
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So, first, it can be done, but it is hard and very gpu intensive. Here was my test with a 3x3 square route;

<kuid:647907:100310> CDE Turn 90 NE
<kuid:647907:100313> CDE Turn 90 NW
<kuid:647907:100316> CDE Turn 90 SE
<kuid:647907:100319> CDE Turn 90 SW

To accoplish this I used the copy and paste tool. I created the first section, then added a 3x3 extra blank, copied the first 3x3 into the tool, then rotated to the correct direction, and pasted it on the blank 3x3 area. Then you delete the original 3x3, and somtimes artifacts will remain, which need to be deleted, like smalll section sections of track floating around. Save and done.

If you are trying to do a larger area, might need to do it in chunks, becomes very next to impossible, but persistance could pay, depends on how big the piece that needs to be rotated is.
Hello Everyone,

Not a solution, but more of a statement!

We have suggested in the suggestion forum that the merging feature is very limited, and this is one issue we have here, as Harry detailed above! I am one that use the merging feature immensely due that I create modules and then merge them together; It would be nice if we can rotate things around instead of creating modules for North-South, or East or Est!

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Hi guys, I just had a go at copy and paste and as the track I want to rotate is about 23x10 blocks there is no way this will work, great for small items but that's it.