McCall Swing Shifts


Still plays with Trainz
After the McCall Swing Shifts scenario was posted on the DLS, I learned that an asset needed to run two of the jobs is not on the Auran DLS. Without that asset the two jobs will stack dump midway through the shift. There are two different ways you can prevent the stack dump with Switch 1976 and 9232. Kuid 7592:15000 can be found at the TrainzProRoutes website ( on their download station. Click on Downloads and then pick Rolling Stock followed by Boxcars. The box you want is 50ft RSP Box 34716. You will have to register before you can download. The alternative and probably simplest is to simply open the config file for the McCall Swing Shifts scenario, scroll down until you find kuid 7592:15000 and replace kuid 7592:15000 with kuid 146523:225 which is on the Auran DLS. Don't change the name, just the kuid number. Be sure to save before closing the file. If you don't have kuid 146523:225, download it.
Have everything except 2 items. Can't locate 50567:15269 or 50567:98. Can't find at TPR. have found a couple of threads but no location yet.
Can you help or can these be deleted without creating issues with scenerio