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Ok, well, I heard from different places that in 2008, the MBTA will be bidding on a new fleet of engines. Since F40's and GP40's are not in production anymore, the MBTA will be looking into some updated engines. One of which, I hear, will be the P40. Well, I did a little project and here is the outcome:


Nice Reskin and the MBTA will be bidding on New Locomotives in March of 2007 and Competition is pen to everyone in the world even companies that make german locomtives.

im very pleasently surprised:D, looking cool, the one thing is, on the front of the loco, where u put the "t" logo in between the lights, and whatever it is, though its clever, doesn't suite me, but thats just me;)!
I agree, Looks nice, but the "T" doesn't fit, what if you left the "T" there andd did the sloping lines effect, like the AMTK P40s

(thank you google)


GREAT idea, Peter!:) That would fix it, cus what I didnt like how the T logo was 1/2 in the stripe, and 1/2 out!
You do have a point PerRock as the MBTA could just use their new F40PH scheme and just re-do the lights and then Make the "T" Logo Smaller