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Where are the maps and configs stored in TC? They are not in World\custom\maps anymore,I need to alter the config of the map I am constructing.What is the correct path in TC? obliged if someone knows the answer
Hi Bob,

Not having TC this is a little guesstimate, but still valid as far as I have gathered of info.

You need to open the CMP program - not quite sure what it is called in TC, but it is the program one uses to add things into TC.
the program that opens when a cdp file is clicked on for instance.
Or, a download is taken place of a Trainz file.

Either way, CMP came first with TRS2006, and was kept for TC and further programs too I imagine.

Witch CMP came a new way of dealing with content in/out of the game, and in order for you to access the config files for any content you need to enter into CMP and find the map there.

Then open it for Edit In Explorer (in TRS06 it is Ctrl+Shift+E) by either the shortcut I just wrote or by right click the item you want to check out and click on the choice Edit In Explorer.
This will open a new window with the files belonging to the item you need/want to edit.

Hope this helps some?

Best wishes

TC uses CMP like TRS2006 just as Linda guessed. Don't forget to commit the asset when you're done making the changes. There are options that you can set that will automatically commit if you like but even though it's a pain I prefer to do each one. If your editor leaves any extra files in the directory - like backups or temps files - they'll have to be deleted before you commit.

Bob Pearson