Making a route.


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Heya guys.

Ive been making a route and its starting to look good. My only problem is I keep adding boards on boards of more track... and leaving out scenery.

What do you think the best way to go about building a route? Should i take it a base board at a time? Or should I lay all my tracks then place in scenery and such. I'm just after ideas. I am doing a fictional route and trying to avoid lots of str8 lines between stations and it seems to be workng. lol
what i do, is lay the track, then add a few buildings, dont go OTT. only lay the important buildings i.e around stations. then once you have finished your route you hope that at least half is finished, then you fill in the gaps with. wooded areas, feilds, houses etc.
I usually work on 3 - 4 boards at a time. I'll lay track, put in the essential buildings, basic ground textures and trees and then install track signalling.
After that, I move on to the next 3-4 boards. After I get the route completed in this fashion, then I go back and add in the details that bring the route alive.
There is no right or wrong way to do it. Whatever works best for you is the best way.
I take it bit by bit.. but big bits.. sometimes will feel like doing rivers, stations, yards etc.. but dont go OTT so i always know where i am and won't miss out things
I have been using a mix of ideas...

Ive added alot of trackside parts like trees walls etc etc. The textures on some parts are just grass but that will soon change when I start adding more hills.

Its looking promising so far... will post up some screenies soon :)
I do it section by section, but on a larger scale...usually city-to-city. This way if my style varies over the course of the layout's construction it's over a broad enough scale that it's a slow, easy transition.