Making a passenger car passenger industry ready


Is there an easy way to do this? From what I can see, the few passenger cars I have that are industry ready have the
"IndustryObjectIcon" <kuid:-25:619>, and the "Passengers" <kuid:-3:11060> as dependencies. I have a bunch of really cool passenger cars that would be cool if they could be converted to pick up passengers from stations as well. Is there a way to do this by altering the config file?
You would need to use Pev's Attachment Maker to add the attachments for the passengers. It is a little hard to figure out, but not that much.
It depends upon what you really want. Do you want to just pick up the passengers and pretend that they're riding in the cars, or do you want to see them inside the car?

If it's the former, you can easily add in the queue information for the car and the passengers will load up, albeit, won't appear since there are no attachment points.

Latter approach is more complex and involves adding in attachment points in the cars for each passenger to sit at.

Well 1st I would like to set up my AI passenger trains that stop at my stations to pick up the passengers that are waiting on the platform. Half the passenger cars I use do not have true internal 3d components so those cars just need to appear to pick up the passengers. Once I've accomplished that, I wouldn't mind taking on the challenge of having the 3d cars actually able to seat the passengers. Right now the rolling stock I'm using that can do that is the Superliner II Coach, kuid2:46162:14445:1, and the CPR Budd passenger cars kuid:316:10006 etc...I'd like to apply the passenger ability to early 20th century north american passenger cars.

Can I just add this line to the config file along with the kuid to the kuid-table?

size 76
initial-count 12
passenger-queue 1
product-kuid <kuid:-3:10060>
yep that will work but I prefer initial count as 0 and the following line could simply be load 0 or 01 etc...
Oh and the Industry icon you can delete that in your config that line is no longer used...
Ok now I get it. I thought the IndustryIcon was mandatory for it to work, duhhhh. Didn't realize as long as you have the passengers queue you're good to go. Most passenger cars have it so no adjustment is necessary.