Maine Railroads

Hello everyone, this is my first blog ever and hope that I entertain you with my endeavors. Putting small routes together is easy, large routes more difficult, but re-creating the Maine Central, Portland Terminal Co., and portions the Boston and Maine, Canadian National, Belfast and Moosehead Lake, Bangor and Aroostock, and Canadian Pacific Railroads is one that I have yet to see on the Download Station.
I've been using Basemapz for tracing the tracks, and the starting point is about a half mile west (railroad direction) of Pine Point Road in Scarborough to McAdam, N.B., Canada. At this point in Waterville re-building the yard to March 1975 track maps (drafting room copy). Most of the route will be made Trainz friendly i.e., drive-thru customers.
I have done some test runs from Rigby yard to Danville Jct and very similar to the real thing. I used to work for Springfield Terminal Railway as a Locomotive Engineer, so this is a trip down memory lane for me (don't want to get technical here). Anyway, when I get the current Basemapz traced, 1,354 renderings, I will attempt to upload the beginnings of my Monster Creation.
I put most of the Basemapz together and discovered that all the buildings are angled. Oh well it's only a game. So I started over and changed the dimensions of the resolution from 1920 X 1080 (1080 HD) to 3840 X 2160 (4k UHD). I also decided to increase the viewing area of the route from 1 Basemap to 3 Basemapz of the surrounding area.
I have abandoned this route and the process of building my routes as well.
MSGSAPPER has a Maine Coastal Route on the Download Station. It covers a lot of the coast and inland. I prefer to adapt existing routes from people who can successfully battle the confusing systems and jargon of the product.
I just couldn't stay away from the route. The process was scrapped, but started a new route that is more user friendly (run thru businesses). Not a gluten for punishment, but a former locomotive engineer that would like to see it all back but modernized. And found new ways to try.